Black & Bilingual #AroundTheWorld - Colombia

Black & Bilingual #AroundTheWorld - Colombia

Colombia is a country located in South America. Bogotá is the capital of Colombia, and the nation's largest city. As of 2018, Colombia has a population of 49,464,683 people. Colombia has the 4th largest population of Black people in the Western Hemisphere - behind Brazil, Haiti, and the United States. 


In the 1500s, Africans were brought as slaves to the Colombian port city of Cartagena to work in open-cast mines. Other slaves were used to farm, raise cattle, and as servants. Slaves in Colombia endured harsh conditions, but some slaves were able to work and buy their freedom from their masters. Slaves also fought for their freedom through rebellions. 


According to the National Administrative Department of Statistics, Afro-Colombians make up 10.6 percent of the population. The majority of Afro-Colombians live in Quibdó, Cali, Cartagena, and Barranquilla. About 4 million Afro-Brazilians recognize their African heritage, while others consider themselves to be indigenous Colombians.


The official language of Colombia is Spanish. According to the Colombian department for National Statistics, there are two native languages spoken by Afro-Colombian groups. The two languages are Bande and Palenquero. Bande is spoken by Afro-Colombians that live on the Archipelago of San Andres providencia and Santa Catalina. Palenquero is spoken by Afro-Colombians in San Basilio de Palenque. 


Afro-Colombian cuisine features staples from West Africa, such as cassava and other root vegetables. A popular Afro-Colombian dish is chuleta valluna. It is a pork dish accompanied with rice, sliced tomatoes, onions with plantains or fries. 


Currualo is an Afro-Colombian musical genre and folklore dance. It originates in the pacific region of Colombia. The music involves several types of African-style drums, such as the tamboral and cununo drums. Currualo as a dance style features moves that are agile and vigorous like twists, kicks, and jumps. 

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